The Sizzle Sells the Condo and the steak can sit on the grill for a while

Like standing in front of home plate, a variety of potential outcomes - from striking out, hitting a single or a grand slam, or getting hit by the baseball - may occur. The outcomes of buying a pre-construction condominium from a model and a set of blue prints can have the same set of consequences. The anticipation of a new condo project can outweigh the reality of the finished product, as buyers really aren't sure of how the finished project is going to sell, once completed. Or how the finishes are going to translate into the emotional draw, or the lack thereof, that the project is going to emit, once completed.

There have been a number of instances where condo buildings actually perform better, pre-construction, than when a project is finished, and buyers can no longer embellish their hopes and visions of what any given project may look like, act like, and may actually perform, once completed. Buyers generally don't ask, or are not privy to such elements of design and construction like common hallway features. Are the ceilings in the common areas going to be sheet rocked, or will they be dropped ceilings? What exactly is the quality of the kitchen cabinetry being planned? Will the shower stall inside the master or guest bathroom have a quality looking wet-bed, or will the developer be sneaking in a cheesy looking shower pan made of recycled plastic? And will the dryer be vented? These questions can be important to resale value, and stick out like a sore thumb to anyone seeing and considering a finished product. However such information may not be available to someone buying pre-construction from blueprints.

Developers have gotten good at building hype, and selling the sizzle that accompanies the excitement of buying a new construction condominium. But sometimes the sizzle can outweigh the reality of the product. An easily lead buyer can find themselves caught up in the excitement, and neglecting the details. Seeing a developer's prior work, or building products can be a big help. Also, being extremely thorough can be a big help. Ask lots of questions. If the developer doesn't have answers for you, then ask if you can reserve a unit at a particular price, until such questions are answered. Or finding a great realtor with experience in the field can be a big help.

Sizzle does indeed sell new condominiums. Any you don't need to be ordering steak to discover that a reality check may be in order if you find yourself being lead by your emotions. Doing your homework, and asking questions is the key to avoid being stuck with a tough, rubbery cut of real estate.

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